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Pecorino con caglio vegetale


The utilisation of vegetable rennet imparts organoletptic peculiarities to this pecorino that make it gentle on the palate with a slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of artichokes. It is ideal in vegetarian diets.

Vegetable rennet

The vegetable rennet pecorino comes from a very ancient tradition typical of the Volterra CliffsArea characterised by gorges created by hillside slides and slippages caused by the erosive action of atmospheric precipitations. The water infiltrates the permeable sandy deposits at the top of the Volterra hill and removes the impermeable clay under them, thus causing the clay’s progressive retreat and the ensuing slide due to the collapse of the sandy and arenaceous layers lying over it. This imposing erosion process, active for some centuries, has even affected a portion of an Etruscan necropolis and the ancient church of San Giusto al Botro, forever engulfed into the abyss during the first half of the 17th century.. In the history books about local traditions, we can indeed find numerous references to the famous Volterra Cheese, known for its utilisation of vegetable rennet obtained from the flowers of wild thistle, widespread in the region.

The vegetable rennet is obtained by cold-water extraction of enzymes present on the thistle flowers, gathered during summer and left to dry in the dark for about five days.


A cheese that gathers the scents of the soil, a perfect accompaniment to a vegetable dip to fully enjoy all rural aromas.